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WOCE Subsurface Float Assembly Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Service Provider Description
The purpose of the float DAC was to create a consolidated float data
set usable by scientists for statistical studies and incorporation
into ocean models. The intent was that the collected data be the best
and cleanest version available. Data were transferred to WDC-A as
well as being archived and made available by the DAC.

The Float DAC received most major historical data sets, checked them
and transferred them to WDC-A. The DAC also received the bulk of the
WOCE data sets, including the Lagrangian component of profiling ALACE
floats. When data were acquired by the DAC, an attempt was made to
also acquire background information (data reports, e.g.) and a list of

The Float DAC stopped receiving data at the end of 2001. The NetCDF
versions of the data found here were finalized by Dr.Charles Sun at
NOAA, with our thanks.


[Summary provided by WOCE Subsurface Float Data Assembly Center, Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.]
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