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Coastal and Ocean Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Service Provider Description
The Coastal and Ocean Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (COFDL) focuses
on fluid dynamical and related processes affecting the
transport of solids, dissolved constituents, momentum, and
energy within the ocean and across its boundaries. Subjects of
research include dispersion within the sediments, sediment
suspension and transport, feeding and dispersal of organisms,
turbulent transport within the bottom boundary layer and
throughout the water column and its effect on estuarine,
coastal and ocean circulation, transport of mass, heat and
momentum across the air-water interface, and the turbulent
fluxes in the surface layer beneath that interface and in the
marine boundary layer above it. Novel techniques and
instruments are often developed for exploring these processes
by members of the Laboratory, who come from the diverse
disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology,
Meteorology, Oceanography and Physics. The laboratory is an
active participant in the Joint MIT/WHOI Gradu ate Program, the
WHOI Postdoctoral Program and the WHOI Summer Student Fellows


Summary provided by COFDL.]
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