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Physical Oceanography Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Service Provider Description
The Physical Oceanography department began as a separate entity
at WHOI in 1962. The scientific foci include the general
circulations of the oceans, climate variability, shelf/slope
dynamics, mixing, and air-sea interaction. Our department is an
active participant in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program with staff
giving courses and advising graduate students. Besides a
population of students, we have a number of Post Doctoral
Scholars/Investigators who provide an influx of new ideas and
sometimes become new members of our scientific staff. The
department continues to maintain leadership in ?blue water?
oceanography and has grown to be one of the leaders in coastal
oceanography as well.

While ocean observations remain one of our principal missions,
we have increasingly developed modeling expertise, both
analytical and numerical, to support seagoing science and to
better understand fundamental ocean processes. The seagoing
groups have evolved into a number of technical and scientific
groups having specialized equipment.


[Summary provided by The Physical Oceanography Department, Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.]
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