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Upper Ocean Processes Group, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Service Provider Description
The Upper Ocean Processes Group provides technical support to
upper ocean and air-sea interface science programs. Deep-ocean
moored surface buoy arrays are designed, fabricated,
instrumented, tested, and deployed at sea for periods of up to
one year. The surface buoys are equipped with meteorological
sensors and recording packages with a satellite telemetry
capability. Special tests of sensors and instruments to
determine the effects of severe weather and motion are
ongoing. The work includes data acquisition, verification,
display, and archive. A Vector Averaging Wind Recorder (VAWR),
Vector Measuring Current Meters (VMCM), and Acoustic Doppler
Current Profilers (ADCP) are regularly deployed on surface

Other areas of expertise include meteorological instrument
calibration and operation of a wind tunnel, constant temperature
baths, a controlled humidity and temperature chamber, barometric
pressure standards, and radiation instruments that can be used
for comparison measurements. The group is also available to
design new sensors to work with the recently developed, tested
and now commercially available standard IMET (Improved
METeorological Measurements for Buoys and Ships) system.


[Summary provided by The Upper Ocean Processes Group, Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution.]
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