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Water Pollution Section, Toxics Prevention Division, Environmental Protection Branch, Environment Canada

Service Provider Description
The Water Pollution Section (WPS) of the Toxics Prevention
Division, Environmental Protection Branch - Ontario Region has
two main program responsibilities: "Toxics" and "Water
Pollution", but is also involved with pollution prevention
promotion. Its main focuses include industrial and municipal
sources in Ontario. One of WPS's main functions is to provide
technical support in cases involving section 36(3) of the
federal Fisheries Act.

To understand what is required to meet section 36(3), the
Federal Programs Division developed a compliance promotion
factsheet for federal facilities but some aspects identified in
the factsheet are also applicable to anyone (including
companies) who discharges a substance or effluent directly into
a waterbody. Technical support includes providing guidance to
facilities, provincial agencies, and municipalities. On
occasion, WPS is asked to provide comments on proposals
submitted under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act or the
Ontario Environmental Assessment Act as they relate to the
requirements under the federal Fisheries Act. WPS also provides
technical support for the delivery of some federal wastewater
regulations under the Fisheries Act.


[Summary provided by Government of Canada, Environment Canada,
Toxics Prevention Division, Water Pollution Section]
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