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Southeast Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing System

Service Provider Description
The Southeast Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing System (SEA-COOS)
is an information system that collects, manages, and
disseminates observations and information products of the
coastal ocean off of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and
Florida. It is an effort to develop an umbrella organization to
coordinate observing system related activities in the four

SEA-COOS is envisioned to be one of the regional systems ringing
the U.S. to form the coastal component of the Integrated Ocean
Observing System (IOOS).

One of the challenges faced in developing IOOS is how to move
forward from the planning stage. SEA-COOS is an initiative to
start building a regional system for the Southeast and is based,
in part, on the results of a planning workshop held in Miami, 27,
29 June. It will enhance and expand existing observing
systems, test and develop needed sensor support infrastructure
such as data transmission and power systems, develop data
management capabilities such as Web-based regional DODS servers
and a gateway for data and metadata to national repositories,
and develop data-assimilative model products. Because these
components are required by all coastal observing networks,
advances made within this project will benefit the development
of the national system.

WHY? Better and more timely information on the state of the
coastal ocean is needed to support better decision-making and to
promote better quality of life in the coastal zone. Over the
last decade there has been an international effort to define how
this should happen, called the Global Ocean Observing System


[Summary provided by SEA-COOS.]
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