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GPS Environmental and Earth Science Information System, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Service Provider Description
GENESIS (GPS Environmental & Earth Science Information System) is
a suite of data services that brings together the new Earth science
products generated by spaceborne Global Positioning System (GPS)
receivers on a diversity of new US and international missions. GENESIS
provides mainly a database for GPS occultation observations from the
GPS/MET, ?rsted, CHAMP, SAC-C, and other missions. All carry a
NASA-supplied GPS receiver suited for atmospheric profiling,
ionospheric profiling, and/or sea-surface reflection measurements.

GENESIS provides specialized tools for analysis, visualization, and
advanced data mining to enable new users to adapt quickly to these
novel science products. The flight data is augmented with a large base
of GPS ground data and a variety of higher level derived products.


[Summary provided by NASA.]
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