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Unidata, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Service Provider Description
Unidata consists of data, tools, and community leadership for enhanced Earth-system education and research.

Participation in the Unidata community allows users (primarily educators and researchers), to access data and visualization software to explore earth-system phenomena.

Multidisciplinary from its origins in 1983, the community hosts participants from atmospheric science, hydrology, oceanography, climatology, engineering, and environmental science among other disciplines; though its primary focus is meteorology.

Key to Unidata's success is its active, dynamic community. While the Unidata Program Center (UPC), based in Boulder, CO, is the community's virtual and geographic hub, interaction among community members takes many paths, not all of them radiating from the UPC. The Internet Data Distribution (IDD), a near real-time data distribution topology, is an excellent example of community members.


[Summary provided by UCAR.]
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