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Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium, University of North Dakota

Service Provider Description
Every Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium (UMAC) activity
is in response to a need expressed by individuals or organizations of
stakeholders. The Consortium is distributed geographically to bring information
close to its end users. UMAC includes partners in government, private industry,
and non-governmental organizations as well.

The goal of the Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium (UMAC) is to provide
information about the environment that enables people to make decisions
improving there:

·Economic Competitiveness
·Quality of Life
·Educational Preparedness

The primary source of the information is data acquired by satellites and
aircraft. Beneficiaries of the information include:

·Farmers practicing Precision Agriculture
·Ranchers seeking Optimum Grazing Capacities
·Foresters engaged in Sustainable Forestry
·Educators teaching Responsible Stewardship
·Students, K through lifelong learners, of Earth System Science


[Summary provided by the University of North Dakota.]
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