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Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Service Provider Description
The Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center
(PO.DAAC) is one element of the Earth Observing System Data and
Information System (EOSDIS), and a member of the DAAC Alliance, distributes
products from NASA's Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) Earth Observing
System (EOS) project, as well as through partnerships and cooperative
agreements with other organizations and institutes within and outside the
United States.. PO.DAAC archives and distributes data
relevant to the physical state of the oceans. The goals of PO.DAAC
are to serve the needs of the oceanographic and geophysical sciences
research communities and to provide data in support of
interdisciplinary research. The primary means of achieving these
goals are through: acquiring, compiling, processing, and distributing
data obtained from spaceborne and conventional instruments; producing
and distributing higher level data products; and providing an
increasing range of data services to the broad research community.

Products available from PO.DAAC are largely satellite
derived. Products include: sea-surface height, surface-wind vector
(and sigma-naught), surface-wind speed, surface-wind stress vector,
integrated water vapor, atmospheric liquid water, sea-surface
temperature, sea-ice extent and concentration, heat flux, and in-situ
data as it pertains to satellite data. These products are derived
from instruments that include the TOPEX/POSEIDON, Geos-3, Geosat and
Seasat altimeters, the Seasat scatterometer, NOAA AVHRR, the Nimbus-7
SSMR and DMSP SSM/I radiometers, and buoys.
PO.DAAC also distributes applications for plotting
hydrographic data, as well as an image processing application.

For information regarding PO.DAAC data or to place an order,
please contact:
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