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Flanders Marine Institute, Belgium

Service Provider Description
The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ, was created on 2
April 1999 by the Flemish Government, the Province of the West-Flanders and the
Belgian National Science Foundation. It is an autonomous institution, with the
legal status of a not-for-profit organization. The Flemish Government and the
Province West-Flanders both contribute financially. The organizational
structure and objectives of VLIZ are determined in the statutes and in a
five-yearly management agreement. Privileges and obligations of the members are
determined in a code of order; a membership form can be obtained from the
secretariat or from the web site. VLIZ is a membership organization. Everyone
with an interest in research in the coastal zone can, individually or as a
group, become a member.

The main task of VLIZ is supporting and visualizing scientific research in the
coastal area. By doing so, it developed a co-ordination forum, an oceanographic
platform and the Flanders Marine Data and Information Centre. Besides, the
institute acts as contact point and provides advices on demand of the
government or on our own initiative. The VLIZ contributes also in popularizing
science, in sensitizing in further expanding our marine multi-media center. The
VLIZ has an interface function between the scientific community, the public
authorities and the public at large.
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