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51. ISRIC-WISE Harmonized Global Soil Profile Dataset (ver. 3.1) [ISRIC_WISE_GlobalProfileDataSet_ver3_1]
Version 3.1 of the ISRIC-WISE database (WISE3) was compiled from a wide range of soil profile data collected by many soil professionals worldwide. All profiles have been harmonized with respect to ...

52. ISRIC-WISE derived soil properties on a 5 by 5 arc-minutes global grid (ver. 1.2) [ISRIC_WISE5by5min_ver1-1]
Version 1.2 describes a harmonized dataset of derived soil properties for the world. It was created using the soil distribution shown on the 1:5 million scale FAO-Unesco Soil Map of the World (DSMW) ...

53. Jornada Experimental Range Soil Water [MSU0019]
The "Jornada Experimental Range Soil Water" data set contains information on the amount of soil water available to plants at various depths on major soil types on the Jornada Experimental Range near ...

54. Soil Organic Matter Network, Lancaster Rotation, Wisconsin, USDA-ARS and University of Wisconsin [USDA.ARS.CPSWPRC.Lancaster]
The Lancaster Rotation, Wisconsin, legume cereal rotation began in 1967. The area is characterized by rolling to hilly landscapes, with soil developed in loess deposits of variable thickness over ...

55. CAB Abstracts of Agricultural and Biological Data [USDA0426]
"CAB Abstracts" is a comprehensive bibliographic database of agricultural and biological data from all journals published by CAB International. Material abstracted and in the database include scientific ...

56. SMAPVEX08 Soil Texture Data V001 [SV08ST]
This data set contains soil texture data that were extracted from a multi-layer soil characteristics database for the conterminous United States and generated for each regional study area. Data are ...

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