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51. Intertidal Biodiversity in the Gulf of Maine: Detecting Patterns of Diversity and Change [GoMA-Intertidal_Biodiversity]
Epibenthic macroinvertebrate communities were examined at six rocky intertidal locations along the Maine shore. Sampled locations were distributed across nearly the entire coast of Maine from Kittery ...

52. King Penguin breeding population at Heard Island. [SOE_seabird_candidate_sp_KP]
This indicator is no longer maintained, and is considered OBSOLETE. INDICATOR DEFINITION The size of the breeding population of King Penguins at Heard Island. TYPE OF INDICATOR There are three types ...

53. Latitudinal Gradient Project - Australian contributions [LGP]
This record relates to the Australian component of the Latitudinal Gradient Project. The LGP is largely a New Zealand, US and Italian venture, but a small contribution has been made by Australian ...

54. Macquarie Island Invertebrate Abundance Data [MQ_INVERT-AB]
Analysis of Invertebrate abundance from soils cores on Macquarie Islands. In the summer of 1986-87, total invertebrate abundances were measured quantitatively at eight sites, representing four vegetation ...

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