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51. Landsat 5 TM Data over Major Canadian Cities [Canada_GeoGratis_L5TMDatCdnCit]
The images in this dataset cover areas approximately 185 km by 185 km and are centred primarily on 17 major Canadian cities. These are: Calgary, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Fredericton, Halifax, Iqaluit, ...

52. Landsat 7 Level 1-G Imagery over Canada [Canada_Geogratis_Landsat7]
In cooperation with federal and provincial governments, GeoGratis is distributing full resolution Landsat 7 imagery for all of Canada. Landsat 7 data are collected from a nominal altitude ...

53. Landsat 7 Orthorectified Imagery over Canada [CANADA_GeoGratis_Landsat7Ortho]
The orthoimage data set is a complete set of cloud-free (less than 10%) orthoimages covering the Canadian landmass and created with the most accurate control data available at the time of creation. ...

54. Landsat Image Mosaic of Canada [Canada_GeoGratis_LandsatImagMos]
A mosaicked image of Canada was created using MrSID 5 x 6 degree tiles initially generated by Earthsat using circa 1990 Landsat imagery. The generation of the ...

55. Maritime Strategic (1987) Land Use Database (SLUD), Canada [Canada_GeoGratis_MaritimeSLUD87]
Maritime Strategic (1987) Land Use Data Base (SLUD) is an update to the Canada Land Inventory "Present Land Use", that reflects land use/land cover conditions in the Maritime Provinces ...

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