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51. BOREAS RSS-07 LAI, Gap Fraction, and FPAR Data [BOREAS_R07ELAID_294_1]
Contains daily green fpar, LAI, needle-to-shoot area ratio, clumping index, PAI, and foliage-to-total area index for tower and auxiliary sites for IFC's 1, 2, and 3. Also contains effective LAI measurements ...

52. BOREAS RSS-08 IFC-3 ADS-PSII Measurements of BRDF at SSA-OBS and SSA-OA Sites [BOREAS_RSS8BRDF_505_1]
Ground BRDF measurements were acquired by the Remote Sensing Science (RSS)-08 team to aid in the development of advanced spectral vegetation indices. The RSS-08 team measured reflectances at the ...

53. BOREAS RSS-08 SSA IFC-3 Digitized Stereo Imagery at the OBS, OA, and OJP Sites [BOREAS_RSS8DIGI_506_1]
The RSS08 team acquired stereo photography from the double-scaffold towers at the Southern Study Area (SSA), Old Black Spruce (OBS), Old Aspen (OA), and Old Jack Pine (OJP) sites during IFC-3 in 1994. ...

54. BOREAS RSS-11 Ground Sunphotometer Data [BOREAS_R11SUNPD_297_1]
This table contains measurements from the automatic sun photometers operated by RSS-11 (Markham).

55. BOREAS RSS-12 Automated Ground Sunphotometer Measurements in the SSA [BOREAS_R12SUNPD_299_1]
This table contains measurements from the ground sun photometers operated by RSS12 (Wrigley).

56. BOREAS RSS-17 Dielectric Constant Profile Measurements [BOREAS_RS17DIEL_301_1]
Contains dielectric profile measurements taken by RSS-17 at NSA and SSA treed tower sites.

57. BOREAS RSS-17 Stem, Soil, and Air Temperature Data [BOREAS_RS7SSATD_302_1]
Contains the soil and stem temperature measurements collected by RSS17 at various flux sites: (1) Southern Study Area (SSA) at the Old Black Spruce (OBS), Old Jack Pine (OJP), Old Aspen (OA), and ...

58. BOREAS RSS-17 Xylem Flux Density Measurements at the SSA-OBS Site [BOREAS_RSS17XYF_303_1]
Contains xylem flux density measurements taken by RSS-17 at SSA-OBS.

59. BOREAS RSS-18 Sunphotometer Data over the SSA [BOREAS_RSS18OPT_503_1]
Ground-based sunphotometer data collected in support of AVIRIS remote sensing activities at the SSA. The following information was compiled by staff members of the BOReal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study ...

60. BOREAS SERM Forest Fire Chronology of Saskatchewan in Vector Format [BOREAS_SASKFIRE_308_1]
Series of ARC/INFO export files of the fire history of Saskatchewan by year from 1945 to 1996, with a few missing years.

61. BOREAS Site and Area Geographic Coordinate Information [BOREAS_GEOCOORD_556_1]
Geographic coordinate and other site information from several sources throughout the experiment period. The final set of information is organized into two data sets that provide geographic coordinate ...

62. BOREAS TE-01 CO2 and CH4 Flux Data over the SSA-OBS Site [BOREAS_TE1FXOBS_311_1]
Contains the TE-01 CH4 and CO2 flux data for the southern study area OBS site.

63. BOREAS TE-01 SSA Soil Lab Data [BOREAS_TE01SSLD_530_1]
This data set provides a set of soil properties for the SSA. The soil samples were collected at sets of soil pits. Major soil properties include soil horizon; dry soil color; pH; bulk density; total, ...

64. BOREAS TE-01 SSA-FEN Soil Profile Nutrient Data [BOREAS_TE1FENNT_313_1]
Contains TE-01 methane flux and inorganic concentrations at the southern study area fen site.

65. BOREAS TE-01 Soils Data over the SSA Tower Sites in Raster Format [BOREAS_SOILTE1R_312_1]
Gridded from vector layers of soil maps that were received from Dr. Darwin Anderson TE-01, who did the original soil mapping in the field during 1994. The vector layers were gridded into raster files ...

66. BOREAS TE-02 Continuous Wood Respiration Data [BOREAS_TE2WDRS2_314_1]
Contains wood respiration continuous measurement data collected by TE-02.

67. BOREAS TE-02 Foliage Respiration Data [BOREAS_TE2FLRSP_315_1]
Contains foliage respiration data collected by TE-02.

68. BOREAS TE-02 Root Respiration Data [BOREAS_TE2RTRSP_316_1]
Contains fine root respiration data collected by TE-02.

69. BOREAS TE-02 Stem Growth & Sapwood Data [BOREAS_TE2STSAP_317_1]
Contains stem growth and sapwood data collected by TE-02.

70. BOREAS TE-02 Wood Respiration Data [BOREAS_TE2WDRSP_318_1]
Contains wood respiration data collected by TE-02.

71. BOREAS TE-04 Branch Bag Data from Boreal Tree Species [BOREAS_TE04BBAG_319_1]
Contains 1996 TE-04 data of branch bag studies of photosynthesis, respiration and stomatal conductance of boreal forest species using the open MPH-1000 system.

72. BOREAS TE-04 Gas Exchange Data from Boreal Tree Species [BOREAS_TE04GXDA_320_1]
Contains TE-04 data on gas exchange studies of photosynthesis, respiration and stomatal conductance of boreal forest species using the MPH-1000 system.

73. BOREAS TE-05 Diurnal CO2 Canopy Profile Data [BOREAS_TE5CO2PD_322_1]
Contains the CO2 profile concentration measurements made by the TE-05 BOREAS team in the NSA and SSA.

74. BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Carbon Isotope Data [BOREAS_TE5LCISO_323_1]
Contains leaf carbon isotope data collected by TE-05 during 1994.

75. BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Gas Exchange Data [BOREAS_TE5LGXD_324_1]
Contains the leaf gas exchange data collected by TE-05 in the NSA and SSA.

76. BOREAS TE-05 Soil Respiration Data [BOREAS_TE5SOILR_325_1]
Contains data collected by TE-05 on soil gas exchange data in the NSA and SSA in 1994.

77. BOREAS TE-05 Tree Ring and Carbon Isotope Ratio Data [BOREAS_TE5TREER_327_1]
Contains tree ring width and C13 isotope cellulose ratio data collected by TE-05.

78. BOREAS TE-06 1994 Soil and Air Temperatures in the NSA [BOREAS_TE6SATNS_328_1]
Contains soil temperature data collected by TE-06 during the BOREAS project.

79. BOREAS TE-06 Allometry Data [BOREAS_TE6ALLOM_329_1]
Contains allometry data collected by TE-06.

80. BOREAS TE-06 Biomass and Foliage Area Data [BOREAS_TE6BMFLG_330_1]
Contains biomass data collected by TE-06.

81. BOREAS TE-06 Multiband Vegetation Imager Data [BOREAS_TE6MLTVG_331_1]
Describes the average data values derived from the multi-vegetation imager used by TE-06 during the BOREAS project.Describes the single point data values derived from the multi-vegetation imager used ...

82. BOREAS TE-06 NPP for the Tower Flux, Carbon Evaluation, and Auxiliary Sites [BOREAS_TE6NPP_200_1]
Contains Net primary production data gathered by the TE-06 group in the NSA and SSA.

83. BOREAS TE-06 Predawn Leaf Water Potentials and Foliage Moisture Content Data [BOREAS_TE6H2OPD_332_1]
Contains data collected by TE-06 on pre-dawn leaf water potential and foliage moisture content.

84. BOREAS TE-07 Dendrology Data [BOREAS_TE07DEND_333_1]
Contains tree summary information for the TE-07 dendrology data.

85. BOREAS TE-07 Sap Flow Data [BOREAS_TE07SAPF_334_1]
Contains sap flow data collected by TE-07.

86. BOREAS TE-08 Aspen Bark Chemistry Data [BOREAS_TE08BCHM_335_1]
Contains bark biochemical data collected by TE-08.

87. BOREAS TE-08 Aspen Bark Spectral Reflectance Data [BOREAS_TE08BOPT_336_1]
Contains bark opical data collected by the TE-08 team during the BOREAS field campaign.

88. BOREAS TE-09 Leaf Biochemistry Averages [BOREAS_TE9BIOAV_339_1]
Contains values of canopy biochemistry derived by the TE-09 team.

89. BOREAS TE-09 Leaf Biochemistry Point Data [BOREAS_TE9BIOPD_340_1]
Contains sample measurements of the canopy biochemistry measured by the TE-09 team.

90. BOREAS TE-09 NSA Leaf Chlorophyll Density Data [BOREAS_TE09CD_341_1]
Contains foliar chlorophyll measurements collected by the TE-09 team.

91. BOREAS TE-09 PAR & Leaf Nitrogen Data for NSA, R1 [BOREAS_TE09PND_342_1]
This data table contains data collected by TE09 on the relationship between PAR and foliage nitrogen in the canopies of NSA-OBS, NSA-UBS, NSA-YJP, NSA-OJP and NSA-OASP.

92. BOREAS TE-09 Photosynthetic Capacity and Foliage Nitrogen Data [BOREAS_TE09NPD_343_1]
Contains TE-09 data on the response of photosynthetic capacity to foliage nitrogen concentration and photosynthetic capacity in the canopies of Norther Study Area sites.

93. BOREAS TE-09 Photosynthetic Response Data [BOREAS_TE09PRD_344_1]
Contains photosynthetic response of boreal tree species to varied parameters. Collected by TE-09 BOREAS group in the Northern Study Area.

94. BOREAS TE-09 in Situ Diurnal Gas Exchange of NSA Boreal Forest Stands [BOREAS_TE09GXDA_337_1]
Contains in situ diurnal gas exchange and water potential data for forest stand in the Northern Study Area collected by TE-09.

95. BOREAS TE-09 in situ Understory Spectral Reflectance within the NSA [BOREAS_TE9SPREF_338_1]
Contains forest understory spectral reflectance data collected by BOREAS TE-09 at the ground level in the Old Jack Pine, Young Jack Pine nd Young Aspen boreal forest sites in the NSA.

96. BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Chemistry Data [BOREAS_TE10LFCH_345_1]
Leaf chemistry data collected by TE-10. Contains 3 granules: 1) biochemical data; 2) biochemical data on a per dry weight basis; and 3) biochemical carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen data given on a per ...

97. BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Gas Exchange Data [BOREAS_TE10LGXD_346_1]
Contains gas exchange data collected by TE-10 during the BOREAS project.

98. BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Optical Properties for SSA Species [BOREAS_TE10LOPT_531_1]
Data collected in support of efforts to characterize and interpret information on the reflectance, transmittance, gas exchange, oxygen evolution, and biochemical properties of boreal vegetation. This ...

99. BOREAS TE-10 Photosynthetic Response Data [BOREAS_TE10PRD_347_1]
Contains the 1994 oxygen evolution and leaf characteristics data collected by TE-10.

100. BOREAS TE-11 Leaf Gas Exchange Measurements [BOREAS_TE11LGXD_348_1]
Contains data collected by BOREAS TE-11 team on CO2 assimilation and transpiration in the SSA.

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