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1. Polar Rock Repository [Polar_Rock_Repository]
The Polar Rock Repository at Ohio State University is a national facility designed for the curatorial preservation and lending of rock samples from Polar Regions, along with associated materials such ...

2. Permian-Triassic Basin History of Southern Victoria Land and the Darwin Mountains [Askin-Darwin]
The research focused on integrating sedimentologic, stratigraphic, palynologic, paleomagnetic and ichnologic data from Permian and Triassic strata in the Darwin Glacier (DG) ...

3. Permian-Triassic Strata for Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica [0440919]
The data set consist of rocks samples, stratigraphic columns, and paleocurrent data. This project studies fossils from two to three hundred million year old rocks in the Allan Hills ...

4. USPRR Continuing Operations Proposal [USPRRContinuingOpsreport]
Recognition of the need for a polar rock repository grew from within NSF to help fulfill obligations under the Antarctic Treaty for greater international data access and to diminish the operational ...

5. Construction and Support of a Polar Rock Repository [USPRR_Construction]
The Office of Polar Programs and polar geologists recognized the value of saving rock collections from Antarctica and created the United States Polar Rock Repository at Ohio State University. ...

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