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1. Beach Profiling Project [gomc_94]
The sandy beaches in southern Maine are one of the state's primary tourist attractions, as well as important habitats for wildlife. Beaches are dynamic features, however, that respond to a variety ...

2. Beryllium in Antarctic Ultrahigh-Temperature Granulite-Facies Rocks and its Role in Partial Melting of the Lower Continental Crust [grew_OPP0087235]
Text: Geologic evolution of the Napier Complex began in the Early Archean (3800 Ma) prior to a regional ultrahigh temperature metamorphic event (up to 7-11 kbar, 1050-1120 degrees C) sometime ...

3. Amundsen Sea Swath Bathymetry [Amundsen_Sea_Swath_Bathymetry]
Swath bathymetric mapping of the Amundsen Sea continental shelf margin from 122 degrees 15' W to 102 W, and made 5 additional crossings west of 122 degrees 15' W, and coverage close to ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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