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1. Spatial and Biological Data for Caves in Tennessee [UTC_caves]
This shapefile was created using Bulletin 64 (Caves of Tennessee) produced by the Tennessee Dept. of Conservation and Commerce Division of Geology. The Bulletin ...

2. Stream Assessments by Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation [UTC_streamassess]
This layout contains the stream assessments by TDEC taken while compiling their 305(b) report for water quality. The pupose of this layout is to show the adjacency of full attainment, partial attainment, ...

3. Surface Hydrology and Land Use Impacting North Chickamauga Creek [UTC_chickamaugacreek]
This project was created for the North Chickamuaga Creek Conservancy to model the surface hydrology and land use impacting the North Chickamauga Creek, as well as indicating the spatial attributes ...

4. Tennessee River Gorge Trust Bird Survey [UTC_TNRGTbirdsurvey]
This dataset contains the results of the 2001 Tennessee Partners in Flight Point Count for birds in and around the Tennessee River Gorge. The purpose of this dataset is to visually show ...

5. Tennessee River Gorge Turtle Survey [UTC_turtle]
This data consists of the spatial and biological data for the Tennessee River Gorge Turtle Survey. The purpose of this survey was to monitor turtle populations in and around the Tennessee ...

6. Critical Habitat Sites in and Around the Tennessee River Gorge [UTC_criticalhabitat]
This study was conducted to identify critical habitat sites located in and around the Tennessee River Gorge. The purpose was to identify critical habitat sites by vegetation ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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