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1. Moored Currents and Temperature Data from the DeSoto Canyon, NE Gulf of Mexico [DeSoto_Canyon_Time_Series]
Moored current velocity, temperature, pressure, meteorological and tide data from a two year MMS study of DeSoto Canyon Circulation in the northwest Gulf of Mexico. 13 moorings deployed from March ...

2. Moored Currents, Temperature, Pressure and Inverted Echo Sounder Data from the Base of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Slope, South of the Mississippi Delta [DESOTO_DEEP_TIME_SERIES]
Moored current velocity, temperature, pressure, inverted echo sounder (IES) travel times from a 2 year MMS study of deep water currents in the northern Gulf of Mexico. 3 short bottom moorings and ...

3. CD/MAPS by Sylvan Ascent, Inc. [CDMAPS]
The Web site for CD/MAPS is: "" The Web site to order online maps is: "" Sylvan Ascent Inc. has made available digitital maps derived from: US Census ...

4. CTD Data from the DeSoto Canyon, NE Gulf of Mexico [DESOTO_CANYON_HYDROGRAPHY]
Hydrographic (CTD) data from seven (7) cruises in the Desoto Canyon region of the NE Gulf of Mexico between March 1977 and April 1999. The data were used to study slope eddies.

5. Digital Terrain Models for Toronto, Ontario, Canada [Canada_SaniIntl_DigTerModToront]
The product contains mass points and break lines along major roads and drainage features.The product may be used for: generating contours, drainage studies, 3-D viewing and environmental studies. ...

6. GRAVSAT: Regional Gravity Anomaly Surveys from Satellite Altimetry [SATOBSYS_GRAVSAT]
GRAVSAT provides gravity survey information for the offshore oil and gas exploration industry. Based on the analysis of radar altimetry from the ERS-1 Geodetic Phase, completed ...

7. High Resolution (50 centimetre) Orthoimagery for Toronto, Ontario, Canada [Canada_SaniIn_OrthoimageToronto]
This data set includes orthorectified (i.e. distortion free) large-scale aerial photography. The data is geo-referenced to the Universal Transverse Mercator grid system, 1974 adjustment.The product ...

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