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1. Phase 2 Forest Inventory [Canada_AlbertaRDB_P2ForestInv]
With increased pressure on the wood supply within the province in the 1950's, the Alberta Forest Service required a comprehensive forest inventory to be completed for Forest Management Units and selective ...

2. Phase 3 Forest Inventory [Canada_AlbertaRDB_P3ForestInv]
In 1966, a task force of federal and provincial personnel and forest industry representatives recommended that the province construct a new forest inventory to be completed by 1984 as all timber quotas ...

3. Reconnaissance Vegetation Inventory [Canada_AlbertaRDB_ReconnVegInv]
This series of reports and hardcopy maps provides a broad vegetation inventory for the Green Area and White Area. The maps depict both forestry and agricultural based vegetation cover types including ...

4. Alberta Land Inventory (ALI) / Canada Land Inventory (CLI) Landform [Canada_AlbertaRDB_ALICLI]
Competition for land for alternative uses, and increased government economic and social planning in rural areas, made apparent the need for improved knowledge of the productive capability of Canada's ...

5. Broad Scale Forest Inventory (Phase 1) [Canada_AlbertaRDB_P1ForestInv]
During and shortly after the Second World War, the demand for lumber and wood products increased dramatically. This resulted in concern over lack of knowledge about the extent of the provincial forest ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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