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1. Swiss Seismological Service Bulletins [SSS_BULLETINS]
The monthly bulletins from the Swiss Seismological Institute provide information regarding various global seismic events as recorded by the seismic stations of the Swiss Seismic Network. The data ...

2. Global Atmosphere Watch Station Information System [GAWSIS]
GAWSIS is an initiative by QA/SAC Switzerland in collaboration with the WMO Secretariat, the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) World Data Centers and other GAW representatives ...

3. Historical Earthquake Catalogue of Switzerland [HISTORICAL_EQ_CAT_SWITZ]
The following is taken from the MECOS website, "". The Swiss Seismological Service (SED) has prepared the earthquake catalogue ...

4. MeteoSwiss: Years of homogeneous temperature and precipitation series of Switzerland [MeteoSwiss_TemperaturePrecipitation]
Von verschiedenen Messstationen der MeteoSchweiz stehen langjährige homogene Monatswertreihen des Temperaturmittels und der Niederschlagssumme zur Verfügung. Jede Station ist in einer der grossen ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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