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1. Plankton Bioluminescence, Biomass and other Biological Databases for the World Oceans from the Ukrainian Academy of Science [UAS_IBSS_BIOL_DATABASES]
The Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (IBSS) of the Ukrainian Academy of Science has archived data on oceanic biomass and plankton bioluminescence. Data records span from the early sixties ...

2. Ocean Station and Surface Meteorology Data from the Atlantic, the Coast of Guinea, the Black Sea and the Indian Ocean [Ukraine_UAS_MHI_OCEAN_STATION]
Ocean Station data, as well as some meterological data, are available from four regions as indicated below: FILE: The Atlantic, from 20 South to 60 N Vertical profiles ...

3. Seasonal dynamics of oxygen consumption and of heterotrophic bacterioplankton number in the region of the Ukrainian antarctic station Academician Vernadskiy [Seasonal_dyn_ox_cons_heterotrophic_bacterioplankton_UA_antarctic_st_A_Vernadskiy]
​Seasonal fluctuations of heterotrophic bacteria abundance as well as of oxygen consumption in coastal waters near island Galindez varied by levels of anthropogenic influence were investigated during ...

4. Catalogue of Mean Sea Level Pressure Fields, West Antarctic Sector [IPY-ukraine]
Classification of atmospheric circulation by types ranged by their probability is carried out by means of statistically distinguished MSLP and geopotential fields. The most detail classification is ...

It is for the first time fullfilled the genetic typization of the participants of Antarctic expedition on the presence of an allele polymorphism of specific genetic factor (hypoxia inducted factor ...

6. Hourly-scaled ionospheric data from Vernadsky station [NASC_VERN_IONOSONDE]
Ionosphere sounding is carried out using the semi-automatic station ISP-42. This is a radar system for impulse radio sounding of the ionosphere in the height interval up to 800 km at frequencies 1.0-22.6 ...

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