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1. Photochemistry of Ozone Loss in the Arctic Region In Summer (POLARIS) Data Archive [NASA_ARC_POLARIS]
POLARIS was a series of high-altitude airborne investigations to understand the behavior of polar stratospheric ozone as it changes from very high concentrations in the spring down to very low concentrations ...

2. SAGE III Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment (SOLVE) [NASA_SOLVE]
The SAGE III Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment (SOLVE) is a measurement campaign designed to examine the processes which control polar to mid-latitude stratospheric ozone levels. ...

3. The CTD dataset of a coastal ecosystem water profile in Kongsfjorden, Arctic (2007) [CNNADC_2007_King_Bay_Arctic_CTD_Description]
The field investigation was carried out in Kongsfjorden. Profiles of water temperature, salinity, chlorophyll a concentrations, and light within the upper 200 m water column at 5 stations (to near ...

4. Littoral ecology studies at the Spanish Antarctic base Juan Carlos I. [CNDA-ESP_ANT96-97-GILI-E]
In English: During the second half of the Antarctic summer it has been examined and sampled the coastal close to Juan Carlos I station, mainly at Spanish Cove, Argentine Cove and Johnson Dock. The ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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