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1. Petrological distinctive features of the Neagari meteorite [NEAGARI_METEORITE_FALL]
In the midnight on 18th of February 1995, a meteorite has fallen down in a corner of shopping street in the central part of the Neagari-Cho near the Terai Station on the Hokuriku Main Line of JR. ...

2. Characteristics of Acid Precipitation in Kanazawa City [KANAZAWADAI_ACID_PRECIPITATION]
The concentration of nitrogen dioxide in atmosphere at 200-300 sites in Kanazawa City was measured. At the same time the rain, snow, hail and dust in atmosphere were sampled and concurrently were ...

3. Effect on Narcissus Plant by Exhaust Emissions Derived from Diesel Engine [NARCISSUSEXHAUSTEMIS]
Polluted narcissuses by exhaust emissions derived from a diesel engine twice a day were investigated by scanning electron microscope-energy dispersive X-ray analyzer, transmission electron microscopy ...

4. Electron Microscopic Observation of Biomineralization in Biomats from Hot Springs [KANKETHUSEN_BIOMATS]
Since June 29 through July 5, 1992, an exploration of geysers in Iceland has been conducted. Temperature and pH of the geyser were 12-90 degrees C, and 6-9 respectively. In addition, the biomats were ...

5. Environmental Biogeology of Aquatic Ecosystem:In the Case of the Rivers in Kanazawa [AQUATICECOSYSTEMKANA2AWA]
Water and clay minerals of sediments in rivers around Kanazawa were twice analyzed during two years to assess water pollution and the role of microbial remediation.For both Saigawa and Asanogawa, ...

6. Experimental Water Purification by Plant-Purification of the Polluted Water with Heavy Metals [EXPERIMWAPURIPLANT]
Water pollution with heavy metals is one of the most serious environmental problems. The aim of the studies are to examine the function of plants to absorb heavy metals. Two species of plants were ...

7. Microorganisms of Hydrothermal Vents at Iheya Ridge [MICROORGA-IHEYARIDGE]
Dive #857 by Shinkai 2000 was carried out at Iheya Ridge of Okinawa Trough in April 1996 to collect deep sea sediments and rocks. Some rocks collected near hydrothemal vents were covered by white ...

8. Microstructure and chemical composition of duckbilled dinosaur eggshell [DINOSAUR_EGGSHELL]
The microstructure and constitution constituents of dinosaurs eggshell discovered in Alberta Province in Canada were clariafied by instrumental analysis.

9. Mineralogical and Chemical Characteristics of Biomats in the Mining and Mineral Deposit Area [BIOMATS_MINING_AREA]
Formation of various biomats is commonly observed in the waste rocks and drainage ditches in the surrounding area of mines and deposits. By the electron microscopic observation of the biomats, the ...

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