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1. Reduced Tillage Systems and Soil Quality [USDA0587]
The purpose of "Reduced Tillage Systems and Soil Quality" is to determine the influence of tillage, soil management practices, and climate on changes in surface residue cover, surface roughness, and ...

2. Tolerance of Freshwater Test Organisms to Formulated Sediments [usgs_brd_cerc_d_freshwater]
A method is described for preparing formulated sediments for use in toxicity testing. Ingredients used to prepare formulated sediments included commercially available silt, clay, sand, humic acid, ...

3. Checklist of Antarctic oligochaetes [scarmarbin_1780]   PARENT METADATA
Checklist of Antarctic Oligochaetes

4. Ecological and taxonomic survey of terrestrial Oligochaetes of Macquarie Island [ASAC_2233]
Data consists of records of two species of earthworms from 70 sites on Macquarie Island collected and identified by Dr R. Blakemore. The species are: Family ACANTHODRILIDAE . Genus MICROSCOLEX ...

5. Effects of petroleum hydrocarbons to earthworms in laboratory toxicity tests [AAS_4135_Hydrocarbon_Toxicity_Earthworms]
These data are the results of a series of laboratory-based toxicity tests in which earthworms were exposed soils that were spiked with a mixture of hydrocarbon compounds to mimic the existing contamination ...

6. Introduced invasive terrestrial invertebrates on Macquarie Island: studies on ecology, origins and control [ASAC_2397]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 2397 See the link below for public details on this project. ---- Public Summary from Project---- Three soil animals, a land shrimp, a slater and a flat ...

7. Microinvertebrates Survey on Macquarie Island [ASAC_1015_MI_Inverts]
MICROINVERTEBRATE SAMPLING PROTOCOL Macquarie Island 01 October 2001 - 28 February 2002 A.HABITATS SAMPLED 8 habitats representative of the following vegetation types were chosen: 1.Azorella macquariensis ...

8. Long Term Experiment No. 2, Soil Organic Matter Network, England [IACR.No2]
This experiment was initiated in 1965 at a site that has been in arable use for a very long time. The land use in this experiment consists of a cropping sequence: Sugar beet, Spring oats, Winter wheat, ...

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