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1. Biological and Ecological Characteristics of Terrestrial Vertebrate Species Residing in Estuaries [USGS_PWRC_BioEco]
ABSTRACT: The Biomonitoring of Environmental Status and Trends (BEST) program is designed to assess and monitor the effects of environmental contaminants on biological resources, particularly those ...

2. Spatial and Age-Structured Population Model of the American Crocodile for Comparisons of CERP Restoration Alternatives [USGS_SOFIA_pop_model_am-croc]
To adequately understand crocodile populations and model population growth, existing data must be assembled and model parameters estimated. A simulation model can then be constructed and validated ...

3. Across Trophic Level System Simulation (ATLSS) Program [USGS_SOFIA_atlss_prog]
The ATLSS (Across Trophic Level System Simulation) program addresses CERP’s (Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan) need for quantitative projections of effects of scenarios on biota of the Greater ...

4. American Alligator Ecology and Monitoring for CERP [USGS_SOFIA_rice_alligators_04]
This project will accomplish several tasks with a combination of field data collection, GIS mapping, and computer simulation. Our main objectives are designed to answer questions critical to restoration ...

5. Computer Simulation Modeling of Intermediate Trophic Levels for ATLSS of the Everglades/Big Cypress Region [USGS_SOFIA_gaines_04]
This project includes models for primary food bases; the functional group of small fishes, upon which many of the wading birds depend, and the main reptile and amphibian functional groups, which constitute ...

6. Ecological Risk Assessment of Toxic Substances in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem: Wildlife Effects and Exposure Assessment [USGS_SOFIA_eco_assess_risk_toxics]
This project will be carried out in several locations throughout those areas critical to the South Florida Restoration Initiative. These areas include: 1) Water Conservation Areas 1, 2, and 3 of the ...

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