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1. Australian Institute of Marine Science – Bioresources Library. [AIMS_REEF_Bioresource_Library]   PARENT METADATA
Collection of marine organisms for bioactivity screening, focused in the shallow waters off the coastlines of Queensland and Western Australia, beginning in 1987 and continuing to the present. Small ...

2. Benthic biodiversity along the central coast in the Brazilian EEZ (OBIS South America, BRAZIL) [Bentos_Score_Central]   PARENT METADATA
The main objectives of the REVIZEE Program were the species inventory and the evaluation of the sustainable yield of living resources from the Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone. In this context, the ...

3. Biodiversity, molecular phylogeny and evolution of marine algae from the Arctic and the Antarctic [R01-2006-000-10312-0]
With the International Polar Year (IPY 2007-2008) coming soon, a number of scientists from many countries are planning and carrying out various and important research projects cooperatively concerning ...

4. AIMS - LTM Nearshore Corals (OBIS Australia) [AIMS_REEF_LTM]   PARENT METADATA
Surveys of coral species richness were carried out at nearshore reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia in conjunction with surveys of size structure and percentage cover of hard and soft coral ...

5. Bottom Photographs from the Pulley Ridge Deep Coral Reef [USGS_OFR_2004_1228]
Pulley Ridge is a series of drowned barrier islands that extend over 100 km in 60-100 m water depths. This drowned ridge is located on the Florida Platform in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico about ...

6. Checklist of Antarctic and Subantarctic seaweeds [scarmarbin_1606]   PARENT METADATA
Checklist of Antarctic and Subantarctic seaweeds * Rhodophyta * Heterokontophyta

7. Coastal Ecology: Macroalgae Communities in Potter Cove, King George Island (Ecologia Costera Caleta Potter, Isla 25 de Mayo) [AMD_AR_MAR_ECOCOSTAL_MACROALGAE]   CHILD METADATA
The biomass and density of the benthic marine macroalgae from Potter Cove (King George I., South Shetland, Antarctica) was studied at different depths (0, 5, 10, 15 20 ,30m) during several years. ...

8. Diversity and DNA barcoding of the brown algae around the Dasan Station in the Arctic [KPDC-MD-2006-006]
The case studies presented here indicate that cox1-5 barcoding will be a powerful ally in the identification of brown algal species in the Arctic. In all cases intraspecific divergence values ranged ...

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