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51. BOREAS RSS-04 1994 Southern Study Area Jack Pine LAI & FPAR Data [BOREAS_R04LAIFD_293_1]
Contains Decagon Ceptometer estimates of LAI and fPAR. Contains LI-COR LAI-2000 estimates of leaf area index and mean tip angle.

52. BOREAS RSS-07 LAI, Gap Fraction, and FPAR Data [BOREAS_R07ELAID_294_1]
Contains daily green fpar, LAI, needle-to-shoot area ratio, clumping index, PAI, and foliage-to-total area index for tower and auxiliary sites for IFC's 1, 2, and 3. Also contains effective LAI measurements ...

53. BOREAS RSS-07 Regional LAI and FPAR Images From Ten-Day AVHRR-LAC Composites [BOREAS_R7LAIFPA_442_1]
The BOREAS RSS-07 team collected various data sets to develop and validate an algorithm to allow the retrieval of the spatial distribution of LAI from remotely sensed images. Ground measurements ...

54. BOREAS TE-02 Foliage Respiration Data [BOREAS_TE2FLRSP_315_1]
Contains foliage respiration data collected by TE-02.

55. BOREAS TE-04 Gas Exchange Data from Boreal Tree Species [BOREAS_TE04GXDA_320_1]
Contains TE-04 data on gas exchange studies of photosynthesis, respiration and stomatal conductance of boreal forest species using the MPH-1000 system.

56. BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Carbon Isotope Data [BOREAS_TE5LCISO_323_1]
Contains leaf carbon isotope data collected by TE-05 during 1994.

57. BOREAS TE-05 Leaf Gas Exchange Data [BOREAS_TE5LGXD_324_1]
Contains the leaf gas exchange data collected by TE-05 in the NSA and SSA.

58. BOREAS TE-06 Biomass and Foliage Area Data [BOREAS_TE6BMFLG_330_1]
Contains biomass data collected by TE-06.

59. BOREAS TE-06 Multiband Vegetation Imager Data [BOREAS_TE6MLTVG_331_1]
Describes the average data values derived from the multi-vegetation imager used by TE-06 during the BOREAS project.Describes the single point data values derived from the multi-vegetation imager used ...

60. BOREAS TE-06 Predawn Leaf Water Potentials and Foliage Moisture Content Data [BOREAS_TE6H2OPD_332_1]
Contains data collected by TE-06 on pre-dawn leaf water potential and foliage moisture content.

61. BOREAS TE-09 Leaf Biochemistry Averages [BOREAS_TE9BIOAV_339_1]
Contains values of canopy biochemistry derived by the TE-09 team.

62. BOREAS TE-09 Leaf Biochemistry Point Data [BOREAS_TE9BIOPD_340_1]
Contains sample measurements of the canopy biochemistry measured by the TE-09 team.

63. BOREAS TE-09 Photosynthetic Capacity and Foliage Nitrogen Data [BOREAS_TE09NPD_343_1]
Contains TE-09 data on the response of photosynthetic capacity to foliage nitrogen concentration and photosynthetic capacity in the canopies of Norther Study Area sites.

64. BOREAS TE-09 Photosynthetic Response Data [BOREAS_TE09PRD_344_1]
Contains photosynthetic response of boreal tree species to varied parameters. Collected by TE-09 BOREAS group in the Northern Study Area.

65. BOREAS TE-09 in Situ Diurnal Gas Exchange of NSA Boreal Forest Stands [BOREAS_TE09GXDA_337_1]
Contains in situ diurnal gas exchange and water potential data for forest stand in the Northern Study Area collected by TE-09.

66. BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Chemistry Data [BOREAS_TE10LFCH_345_1]
Leaf chemistry data collected by TE-10. Contains 3 granules: 1) biochemical data; 2) biochemical data on a per dry weight basis; and 3) biochemical carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen data given on a per ...

67. BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Gas Exchange Data [BOREAS_TE10LGXD_346_1]
Contains gas exchange data collected by TE-10 during the BOREAS project.

68. BOREAS TE-10 Leaf Optical Properties for SSA Species [BOREAS_TE10LOPT_531_1]
Data collected in support of efforts to characterize and interpret information on the reflectance, transmittance, gas exchange, oxygen evolution, and biochemical properties of boreal vegetation. This ...

69. BOREAS TE-10 Photosynthetic Response Data [BOREAS_TE10PRD_347_1]
Contains the 1994 oxygen evolution and leaf characteristics data collected by TE-10.

70. BOREAS TE-11 Leaf Gas Exchange Measurements [BOREAS_TE11LGXD_348_1]
Contains data collected by BOREAS TE-11 team on CO2 assimilation and transpiration in the SSA.

71. BOREAS TE-12 Leaf Gas Exchange Data [BOREAS_TE12LGEX_351_1]
Contains data collected by TE-12 of single leaf gas exchange properties of dominant vascular plant species in the SSA in 1994 and 1995.

72. BOREAS TE-12 Leaf Optical Data for SSA Species [BOREAS_TE12LOD_352_1]
Contains leaf optical properties data collected by the BOREAS TE-12 team.

73. BOREAS TE-12 SSA Shoot Geometry Data [BOREAS_TE12SGD_353_1]
Contains the shoot geometry data for both coniferous and deciduous samples taken by BOREAS TE-12.

74. BOREAS TE-12 SSA Water Potential Data [BOREAS_TE12H2OP_354_1]
Contains data on water potential for the Southern Study Area, Fen, Young Jack Pine, Young Aspen, and Old Black Spruce sites.

75. BOREAS TF-09 SSA-OBS Branch Level Flux Data [BOREAS_TF9BRFLX_366_1]
CO2 and H2O vapor exchange and ancillary data collected from enclosures around the black spruce branches. Data collected by the TF-09 group at the SSA-OBS site.

76. BOREAS TF-10 NSA-YJP Tower Flux, Meteorological, and Porometry Data [BOREAS_TF10FLUX_454_1]
The flux and ancillary data collected at the NSA-YJP tower flux site by the TF-10 group. Measurements of stomatal conductance collected at the NSA-YJP site by the TF-10 team.

77. BOREAS TF-11 SSA Fen Leaf Gas Exchange Data [BOREAS_TF11LEAF_456_1]
Contains the TF-11 leaf gas exchange data made with the LI-6200 and LI-6400 systems.

78. BOREAS TF-11 SSA-Fen 1995 Leaf Area Index Data [BOREAS_TF11LAI_458_1]
Contains the TF-11 Leaf Area Index (LAI) data collected at the SSA Fen site.

79. BOREAS TGB-08 Monoterpene Concentration Data over the SSA-OBS and the SSA-OJP [BOREAS_TGB7MONO_392_1]
Contains monoterpene emission and concentration data collected by the TGB-08 BOREAS science group.

80. BOREAS TGB-08 Starch Concentration Data over the SSA-OBS and the SSA-OJP [BOREAS_TGB8SCDS_394_1]
Contains starch concentration data collected by TGB-08 from the SSA-OBS and SSA-OJP BOREAS sites in 1994.

81. CMS: Soil CO2 Efflux and Properties, Site Vegetation Measurements, Mexico, 2011-2012 [CMS_Soil_CO2_Efflux_1298_1]
This data set provides the results of (1) monthly measurements of soil CO2 efflux, volumetric water content, and temperature, and (2) seasonal measurements of soil (porosity, bulk density, nitrogen ...

82. Calculated Leaf Carbon and Nitrogen, 1992 (ACCP) [ACCP_PLOTCHEM_420_1]
Study plot canopy chemistry values were calculated from leaf chemistry and litterfall weight values. Average leaf concentrations of nitrogen and carbon were used to investigate how reflectance varies ...

83. Canopy Chemistry (OTTER) [OTTER_CHEM_26_1]
Canopy characteristics: leaf chemistry, specific leaf area, LAI, PAR, IPAR, NPP, standing biomass--see also: Meteorology (OTTER) for associated meteorological conditions

84. Forest Biophysical Parameters (SNF) [SNF_BIOPHYS_142_1]
Biophysical parameters (DBH, NPP, biomass, bark area index, LAI, subcanopy LAI) by study site for Aspen and Spruce in the Superior National Forest, MN (SNF)

85. Global Leaf Area Index from Field Measurements, 1932-2000 [HISTORICAL_LAI_584_1]
Leaf Area Index (LAI) data from the scientific literature, 1932-2000, have been compiled at the ORNL DAAC to support model development and EOS MODIS product validation. Like net primary productivity ...

86. Integrated Biosphere Simulator Model (IBIS), Version 2.5 [model_ibis_808_1]
The Integrated Biosphere Simulator (or IBIS) is designed to be a comprehensive model of the terrestrial biosphere. Tthe model represents a wide range of processes, including land surface physics, ...

87. LAI & PAR Data: Light Bar - KSU (FIFE) [FIFE_LB_KSU_41_1]
LAI and PAR above & below canopy measured with light bar by KSU staff science

88. LAI (Indirect): Light Wand - KSU (FIFE) [FIFE_LIGHTWND_43_1]
LAI and mean tip angle from LI-COR LAI-2000 Plant Canopy Analyzer

89. LBA-ECO CD-02 Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen Stable Isotopes in Organic Material, Brazil [CD02_C_N_O_983_1]
This data set reports the measurement of stable carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen isotope ratios in organic material (plant, litter and soil samples) in forest canopy profiles and pasture (grasses and ...

90. LBA-ECO CD-02 Forest Canopy Structure, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil: 1999-2003 [LBA_CDO2_FOREST_CANOPY_1009_1]
This data set reports on Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Specific Leaf Area (SLA) measurements collected from forest and pasture sites in or near the Tapajos National Forest (TNF), 80 km south of the city ...

91. LBA-ECO CD-02 Leaf Water Potential, Forest and Pasture Sites, Para, Brazil: 2000-2001 [CD02_LEAF_WATER_POTENTIAL_1100_1]
Data are reported for leaf water potential of leaves of seven species of trees and lianas from the primary forest at the km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, and measurements of five sapling ...

92. LBA-ECO CD-02 Oxygen Isotopes of Plant Tissue Water and Atmospheric Water Vapor [LBA_CDO2_O_H_ISOTOPES_1008_1]
This data set reports the oxygen isotope signatures of water extracted from plant tissue (xylem from the stems and leaf tissue) and of atmospheric water vapor from twelve different sites (including ...

93. LBA-ECO CD-04 LAI Estimated from Photos, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest [CD04_LAI_ESTIMATES_1103_1]
This data set contains summary data for monthly leaf area index (LAI) and plant area index (PAI) at the km 83 Tower Site, in the Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil. LAI was estimated for hemispherical ...

94. LBA-ECO CD-04 Leaf Area Index, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil [LBA_LAI_KM83_992_1]
Leaf area index was estimated in an 18 ha plot at the logged forest tower site, km 83, Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil. The plot was adjacent to the eddy flux tower at km 83, Tapajos National ...

95. LBA-ECO CD-08 Leaf Carbon, Nitrogen, LAI, and Isotope Data, Manaus, Brazil: 2001 [CD08_LEAF_ISOTOPES_MANAUS_1245_1]
This data set provides measurements for carbon (C), nitrogen (N), leaf area index (LAI), and carbon isotope ratio data (13C and 14C) of leaves sampled at the Manaus ZF2 Jacaranda transect area, Amazonas, ...

96. LBA-ECO CD-08 Tropical Forest Ecosystem Respiration, Manaus, Brazil [CD08_Ecosystem_Resp_Manaus_912_1]
Leaf, live wood (tree stem), and soil respiration were measured along with additional environmental factors over a 1-yr period in a Central Amazon terra firme forest and are provided in this data ...

97. LBA-ECO CD-09 Soil and Vegetation Characteristics, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil [CD09_SOILS_VEG_TAPAJOS_1104_1]
This data set reports the results of soil and vegetation surveys at four distinct areas within the Tapajos National Forest (TNF), 50 to 100 km south of Santarem, Para, Brazil, in November 1999. At ...

98. LBA-ECO CD-15 LAI and Productivity Data, km 67, Tapajos National Forest: 2003-2004 [CD15_PRODUCTIVITY_1167_1]
This data set provides mean leaf area index (LAI), dendrometry band measurements, and litterfall mass from samples collected at the km 67 research site, Topajos National Forest, Para, Brazil. Litterfall ...

99. LBA-ECO LC-14 Specific Leaf Area and Phenology, km 67 Site, Para, Brazil: 2001-2006 [LC14_REE_SLA_1211_1]
This data set provides measurements of specific leaf area and monthly phenological observations for selected tree and vine species at the km 67 Seca Floresta site, Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil. ...

100. LBA-ECO LC-19 Soil and Vegetation Data for Cerrado and Forested Sites, Brazil: 2002 [LC19_FIELD_2002_1261_1]
This data set provides measurements for soil physical and chemical properties, rooting depth and weight, leaf area index (LAI), plant area index (PAI), biomass, fraction of photosynthetically active ...

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