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1. Cape Roberts Core-3 Authigenic Clays [CRP-3_authigenics]   PARENT METADATA
The data set include a table summary of the distribution of the authigenic vs. detrital smectite, zeolites, and other authigenic minerals within the extent of drill core-3 of the Cape Roberts Project ...

2. Cold adaptation and functionality of the Antarctic Coastal Benthic Zones [ASAC_1165]
Antarctic sediments and sea-ice are important regulators in global biogeochemical and atmospheric cycles. These ecosystems contain a diverse range of bacteria whose biogeochemical roles remains largely ...

3. Data from cruises LMG08-04 and LMG08-08 [SEASONS_data]
The data sets are derived from sediments collected using a multicorer, when completed, they will include foraminiferal data, sediment and pore water geochemistry data, foraminiferal taphonomy data, ...

4. Florida Cooperative Geologic Mapping Project [USGS_SOFIA_fl_coop_map]
This project was designed to provide the framework for understanding (1) ecosystem variability and change prior to and during human development of South Florida (i.e., the detailed ecosystem history ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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