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51. Global and Regional Atmospheric, Hydrologic, and Oceanic Data from the INFOCLIMA Catalog of Climate System Data Sets [INFOCLIMA]
The INFOCLIMA Data Base of Climate System Data Sets is a collection of worldwide data center (280) and data set descriptions of Climate-related data as part of the World Meteorological ...

52. Diagnostic For Mid-Holocene Precipitation Over Northern Africa [MIDHOLO_PRECIP_NAFRICA]
Pollen evidence indicates that grassland and xerophytic woodland/scrubland occurred in ares of northern Africa characterised by desert today during the mid-Holocene (Jolly et al., 1998a, 1998b). Mid-Holocene ...

53. Pollen [noaa-pollen-13988]
Records of past vegetation and climate derived from pollen found in lake and ocean sediments. Parameter keywords describe what was measured in this data set. Additional summary information can be ...

54. Paleovegetation Proxy Data, Fossil Pollen from Lake Cores [G01110]
Paleoclimatic proxy data from paleovegetation sources, primarily fossil pollen from lake cores. Includes also climatic reconstructions.

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