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7. ERS-1_LEVEL0 [ERS-1_L0_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Level 0 Frame

8. ERS-1_LEVEL1 [ERS-1_L1_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Data Level 1

9. ERS-2_LEVEL0 [ERS-2_L0_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 0

10. ERS-2_LEVEL1 [ERS-2_L1_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 1

11. JERS-1_LEVEL0 [JERS-1_L1_1]
JERS-1 Level 0 Data

12. JERS-1_LEVEL1 [JERS-1_L0_1]
JERS-1 Level 1 Data

RADARSAT-1 Level 0

RADARSAT-1 Level 1 Amplitude Images


SEASAT Image Level 1

Metadata for Sentinel-1A slant-range product

Sentinel-1A slant-range product

Metadata for Sentinel-1B slant-range product

Sentinel-1B slant-range product

21. Apatite fission track and (U-Th)/He analyses from Byrd Glacier in the Transantarctic Mountains [Temp_Number]
Apatite fission track analyses from samples collected on either side of Byrd Glacier by Audrey Huerta and Ann Blythe and colleagues during the 2009 and 2010 field seasons.

22. Application of Detrital Zircon Isotope Characteristics and Sandstone Analysis of Beacon Strata to the Tectonic Evolution of the Antarctic Sector of Gondwana [NSF-ANT09-44532]
Intellectual Merit: The goal of this project is to address relationships between foreland basins and their tectonic settings by combining detrital zircon isotope characteristics and sedimentological ...

23. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 1002 Area, Petroleum Assessment, 1998 CD-ROM [ANWR_PET_ASSES_1998]
The following was abstracted from the USGS home page at "" The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (1980) established the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ...

24. Arctic Seismic Refraction Data As Velocity Profiles [Canada_GSC_ArcSeismicRefData]
This is an interpreted summary of Arctic seismic refraction data portrayed in velocity depth functions. The data covers the circum-Arctic. The summary includes input from colleagues ...

25. Argon isotopic data for metamorphic minerals in rocks from the southern Quebec Appalachians [GSA_BULLETIN_2001004]
[Adapted from "About the GSA Data Repository", ""] The above data set may be dowloaded from the Geological Society of America (GSA) Data Repository, ...

26. Australian Geochronology Data Base; BMR, Australia [EARTH_INT_AUS_BMR_GEOCHRON1]
The National Database of Australian Geochronology includes Main tables on SAMPLES, K_AR, AR40_39, RB_SR, SM_ND, ZIRCON, SHRIMP, REFERENCES and STOREBOXES. The table SAMPLES includes attributes for ...

27. BARD (Bay Area Regional Deformation) GPS data [BARD-GPS]
[Adapted from the BARD Home Page ""] The Bay Area Regional Deformation (BARD) Network is a network of about 67 continuously operating Global Positioning System ...

28. Bedrock Geologic Map of the Port Wing, Solon Springs, and parts of the Duluth and Sandstone 30' X 60' Quadrangles, Wisconsin [USGS_OFR_2004_1303]
This Open-File Report provides digital data (shapefiles and .e00 files) for the bedrock geology in the Port Wing, Solon Springs, and parts of the Duluth and Sandstone quadrangles in Wisconsin. A ...

29. Bedrock Geology and Mineral Resources of the Knoxville 1 degree x 2 degree Quadrangle, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina (Digital Version) [USGS_OFR_2004_1075]
The following geographic information system (GIS) data layers provide a digital format for the map plate in Bulletin 1979 (Robinson et al., 1991), Bedrock Geology and Mineral Resources of the Knoxville ...

30. Bedrock Geology of the Turkey Creek Drainage Basin [USGS_ofr00-265-geol]
This data set was created for analysis of the ground-water system of the study area. This geospatial data set describes bedrock geology of the Turkey Creek drainage basin in Jefferson County, Colorado. ...

31. Bedrock geology for Norway [ARNd0040_103]
Various coverages representing bedrock geology in Norway. One aml for producing eps files. Members informations: Attached Vector(s): MemberID: 1 Vector Name: Coverage showing bedrock geology in ...

32. Biogeographic relationships between northern Antarctic Peninsula and southernmost South America during the Late Cretaceous-Paleogene. Project No. 12 2002 - 2004 [CDA_AR_LATE_CRET-PALEO]   PARENT METADATA
Project: LATE CRETACEOUS PALEOGENE > Biogeographic relationships between northern Antarctic Peninsula and southernmost South America during the Late Cretaceous-Paleogene. Project No.12 2002 -2004 ...

33. Biostratigraphic collections of Devonian fish fossils from Middle Devonian Aztec Siltstone at the top of the Taylor Group (Beacon Supergroup) and sediment studies for a basin analysis [K026_1991_1992_NZ_1]
Using toboggans and sledges, the party travelled 700 kilometres from the Darwin Glacier northwards to the Lashly Mountains to study Taylor Group sedimentary rocks (Beacon Supergroup). The principle ...

34. Monitoring of Tatsuda-yama Fault by Global Positioning System [BASELINE_LENGTH_BY_GPS]
The Tatsudayaya Fault crossing the northern part inside Kumamoto City has been monitored by using a global positioning system (GPS) receiver (type 4000 SL made by Trinbulter Co.) since 1992. The observation ...

35. Planktic Foraminifer Census Data from Northwind Ridge Core 5 Arctic Ocean [OFR_91-346]
The U.S. Geological Survey recovered 9 piston cores from the Northwind Ridge in the Canada Basin of the Arctic Ocean from a cruise of the USCGC Polar Star during 1988. Preliminary analysis of the ...

36. Planktic Foraminifer Census Data from Northwind Ridge Cores PI-88-AR P3, PI-88-AR P7, and PI-88-AR P9, Arctic Ocean [OFR_93-218]
The U.S. Geological Survey recovered 9 piston cores from the Northwind Ridge in the Canada Basin of the Arctic Ocean from a cruise of the USCGC Polar Star during 1988. Preliminary analysis of the ...

37. Pleistocene to Quaternary strain between active faults, San Francisco Bay Region [SF_BAY_FOLDS_01]
The need for a better understanding of the seismic risk posed by active blind faults is evident from recent damaging earthquakes in northern and southern California, including the Coalinga 1983, Loma ...

38. Pliocene Trend in the Deep-Water, Garden Banks Area of the Gulf of Mexico [MMS_PAPER_PLIOCENE_GOM]
The dowloaded GIF image from this site is a map based on well and seismic data that provides the hydrocarbon potential, ranked from low to high, in deposits containing Pliocene sediments. The accompanying ...

39. Possible Costs Associated with Investigating and Mitigating Some Geologic Hazards in Rural Parts of San Mateo County, California [USGS_OFR_00127]
These susceptibility maps and the cost assessment data allow landowners in rural western San Mateo County to determine if their property is impacted by deep-seated landslide and debris flow hazards ...

40. Preliminary Digital Geologic Map of the Appalachian Piedmont and Blue Ridge, South Carolina Segment, USGS OFR 01-298 [USGS_OFR01-298]
This preliminary geology coverage of the Piedmont and Blue Ridge in South Carolina is part of a set of coverages being assembled for the analysis of regional and national geochemical patterns that ...

41. Preliminary Geologic Map of the Big Bear City 7.5' Quadrangle, San Bernardino County, California [USGS_OFR_2004_1193]
This report contains a digital geologic map database for the Big Bear City 7.5' quadrangle that includes: 1. ARC/INFO version 8.1 (service pack 1) geospatial coverages (in interchange file format ...

42. Preliminary Geologic Map of the Los Angeles 30' x 60' Quadrangle, Southern California [USGS_OFR_2005_1019]
The Los Angeles 30' x 60' quadrangle covers approximately 5,000 km2 including much of the densely populated urban and suburban areas of the southern California megalopolis. The quadrangle is about ...

43. Preliminary Geologic Map of the Santa Barbara Coastal Plain Area, Santa Barbara County, California, USGS OFR 02-126 [USGS_OFR_02126]
To update the interpretation of geologic mapping and to achieve a uniform regional geologic database. Additionally, to provide a geologic map for the public and geoscience community to aid in assessments ...

44. Preliminary Geophysical Framework of the Upper and Middle Verde River Watershed, Yavapai County, Arizona [USGS_OFR_2005_1154]
Analysis of aeromagnetic and gravity data provides new insights into the geometry of geologic structures of the upper and middle Verde River watershed, Yavapai County, Arizona. Magnetic anomalies ...

45. Preliminary Surficial Geologic Map of a Calico Mountains Piedmont and Part of Coyote Lake, Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California [USGS_OFR_2006_1090]
This 1:24,000 scale detailed surficial geologic map and digital database of a Calico Mountains piedmont and part of Coyote Lake in south-central California depicts surficial deposits and generalized ...

46. Preliminary geologic map emphasizing bedrock formations in Alameda County, California: A digital database [USGS_OFR_96-252]
This digital map database, compiled from previously open-filed U.S. Geological Survey reports (Graymer and others, 1994), other published and unpublished data and substantialnew mapping by the authors ...

47. Preliminary maps of Quaternary deposits and liquefaction susceptibility, nine-county San Francisco Bay region, California: a digital database, USGS OFR 00-444 [USGS_OFR_00444]
Map delineation of the different types and ages of Quaternary deposits supports evaluation of susceptibility to liquefaction, the immediate application of the work, but serves many other purposes ...

48. Principal Facts for Gravity Stations in the Vicinity of San Bernardino, Southern California [USGS_OFR_00193]
The purpose of the survey was to locate more precisely and characterize the Rialto-Colton fault, a strand in the San Jacinto fault zone. The information developed during this study will be used in ...

49. Principal Facts of Gravity data in the Northern Willamette Valley and Vicinity, Northwestern Oregon and Southwestern Washington [USGS_OFR_2007_1058]
Gravity data were collected from 2004 through 2006 to assist in mapping subsurface geology in the northern Willamette Valley and vicinity, northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington. Prior to ...

50. Provenance analysis of Cambrian conglomerates, Northern Victoria Land [K051_2000_2003_NZ_1]
The Cambrian volcanic arc of North Victoria Land and the Cambrian arc of NW Nelson (NZ) are strikingly similar. They are of island arc character but both now lie within continental crust. In NVL ...

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