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1. NOAA Climate Data Record (CDR) of Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural Networks (PERSIANN-CDR), Version 1 Revision 1 [gov.noaa.ncdc.C00854]
PERSIANN Precipitation Climate Data Record (PERSIANN-CDR) is a daily quasi-global precipitation product for the period of 1982 to 2011. The data covers from 60 degrees S to 60 degrees N and 0 degrees ...

2. Real Time Satellite Images of Chlorophyll Concentration [CHL_COOL_RUTGERS]
The ocean color images in this database are created using data collected by China's FY1-D satellite. Approximately 2 of these passes per day are recorded with an L-Band satellite dish. The FY1-D satellite ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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