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1. Audubon Christmas Bird Counts [brdpwrc0006]
Audubon link: "" The first Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) were conducted in 1900 in response to a suggestion made in the National Audubon Society's magazine Bird-Lore. Twenty-seven ...

2. Bermuda Testbed Mooring Data [BBSR_BTM]
The Bermuda Testbed Mooring (BTM) has been deployed since June 1994 and provides the oceanographic community with a deep-water platform for developing, testing, calibrating, and intercomparing instruments ...

3. Real-time Satellite Images of Bermuda from data collected from the NOAA polar orbiter series and SeaWiFS. [BBSR_Satellite]
The Real-Time Satellite Imagery data page contains browse images from recent satellite passes over Bermuda. The Bermuda Biological Station for Research Satellite Laboratory is currently ...

4. The North American Breeding Bird Survey, Results and Analysis 1966 - 2011. Version 12-13-2012. [USGS_PWRC_BreedingBirdSurvey_V10.15.2010]
This website consists of a series of interactive programs and maps that describe population change for North American Birds summarized from North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) data. Metadata ...

5. Breeding Bird Survey Grid for Lower 48 States, Alaska and Southern portion of Canada [USGS_PWRC_BreedingBirdSurveyGrid]
This is a polygon coverage of the mathematically generated grid for North America, excluding Mexico and the Northern portion of Canada. The grid is used in the statistical analysis of the Breeding ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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