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1. Coastal Ecology: Macroalgae Communities in Potter Cove, King George Island (Ecologia Costera Caleta Potter, Isla 25 de Mayo) [AMD_AR_MAR_ECOCOSTAL_MACROALGAE]   CHILD METADATA
The biomass and density of the benthic marine macroalgae from Potter Cove (King George I., South Shetland, Antarctica) was studied at different depths (0, 5, 10, 15 20 ,30m) during several years. ...

2. Coastal Ocean Dynamics Experiment (CODE); Currents, Hydrographic, Sea Level and Meterological; North of the San Francisco; 1981-2 [SIO_CCS_DATAZOO_CODE]
Data Access: "" The Costal Ocean Dynamics Experiment (CODE) was undertaken to identify and study the important dynamical processes which govern the wind-driven motion ...

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