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1. National Solar Observatory (NSO) Sacramento Peak Fe XIV and Ca XV Coronal Maps [NSO_DATA_02]
The National Solar Observatory has made data accessible on-line via the networks. Two databases containing the National Solar Observatory/Sacramento Peak Fe XIV 530.3 nm and Ca XV 569.4 nm coronal ...

2. National Solar Observatory/ Kitt Peak Synoptic Solar Data [NSO_DATA_01]
The National Solar Observatories have made data available on-line. The data are produced with the NSO Vacuum Telescope located on Kitt Peak, Arizona. There are several types of data derived from ...

3. Solar Flare Data from the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Array [BIMA]
The BIMA array is a 3-element radio interferometer. Flare observations at 86 GHz with high spatial resolution were obtained during the Flares 22/MAX'91 campaign of December 1991/Jnauary 1992. Times ...

4. Vector Magnetograph Data from the Solar Physics Branch, NASA/MSFC [MSFC-SOLAR]
The Vector Magnetograph built and maintained at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) is a dedicated instrument to observe the solar vector magnetic field. The instrument has been upgraded regularly ...

5. General Access to GRO/BATSE Solar Database Maintained at NASA/GSFC [GRO_BATSE_SOLAR_DB]
For the use of the solar physics and astronomy communities, a system that is available on-line for quick-look access to the solar flare data from the Gamma-Ray Observatory (GRO) has been established. ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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