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1. The TRMM Monthly-mean Rain Rate Data at GMU [GMU_TRMM]
The GMU data sets include the monthly rain rates obtained by area-time integrating the TSDIS 3G68 that are hourly gridded rain rates for the TRMM algorithms, TMI (2a12), PR(2a25), TCA(2b31). The TRMM ...

2. University of Delaware Climate Resource Data [UDEL_CSD]
This collection of data is a product of joint efforts of University of Delaware, Seasonal to Interannual Earth Science Information Partner at Geaorge Mason University (GMU SIESIP), Center ...

3. 47-Year Time Series of Gridded Monthly Temperature, Precipitation, and Water Budget Variables [UDEL_47YR_CLIM_ARCH]
The University of Delaware Center for Climatic Research offers a 47-year time series of gridded monthly temperature, precipitation, and water budget variables data set. The data is split ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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