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AlertMe Pro is a weather alerting tool that resides in your system tray and displays your current temperature. When a watch, warning advisory or statement is issued it will scroll text like you see ...

52. Tsunami: The Great Wave [Tsunami_Great_Wave]
The series of web pages provides information on tsunamis. This site describes - what causes tsunamis - how tsunamis move - tsunami information - tsunami warning centers - what you should do "The ...

53. Seismic Hazards of the US [Seismic_Hazard_USGS]
The hazard maps depict probabilistic ground motions and spectral response with 10%, 5%, and 2% probabilities of exceedance (PE) in 50 years. These maps correspond to return times of approximately ...

54. The National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Program's "FireWise" [USDA_FIREWISE]
More Information: "" The Firewise Home Page was created for people who live or vacation in fire prone areas of North America. The information contained here will help you ...

55. Hurricane, Typhoon & Tropical Cyclone Tracking [Storm_Tracking]
Users can see the path of tropical cyclones in both GIF and PDF format. Individual regions can be found here: "" All areas shown at once can ...

56. Hurricane, Typhoon & Tropical Cyclone Strike Probabilities [Tropical_Storm_Probabilities]
It is possible to display the strike probabilities of a hurricane, typhoon, or a tropical cyclone. Users can click on a location or submit a latitude and longitude (or a comma seperated list of ...

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