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51. VALLEY - Terrain Screening Model [VALLEY-Model]
(Summary adapted from EPA.) VALLEY is a steady-state, complex terrain, univariate Gaussian plume dispersion algorithm designed for estimating either 24-hour or annual concentrations resulting from ...

52. CALPUFF Modeling System [CALPUFF]
CALPUFF is an advanced non-steady-state meteorological and air quality modeling system developed and distributed by Earth Tech, Inc. The model has been adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection ...

53. Complex Terrain Screening Model [CTSCREEN-Model]
(Summary adapted from EPA.) CTSCREEN (Complex Terrain Screening model) a Gaussian plume dispersion model designed as a screening technique for regulatory application to plume impaction assessments ...

54. RTDM3.2 - Rough Terrain Diffusion Model [RTDM3.2-Model]
The Rough Terrain Diffusion Model (RTDM3.2) is a sequential Gaussian plume model designed to estimate ground-level concentrations in rough (or flat) terrain in the vicinity of one or more co-located ...

55. TSCREEN - Toxics Screening Model [TSCREEN-Model]
[Summary adapted from EPA.] TSCREEN (Toxics Screening) a Gaussian model that implements the procedures to correctly analyze toxic emissions and their subsequent dispersion from one of many different ...

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