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1. Space Physics, Solar Physics and Astronomy Data from Space Physics Data System [SPDS-General]
The Space Physics Data System (SPDS) ( ) serves the four science disciplines encompassed within the programs of the NASA Space Physics Division, namely: ...

2. COAT and MTCX GPS Observations 1996-2001 [COAT_and_MTCX_GPS]
High-precision Global Positioning System measurements of stainless steel pins embedded in solid bedrock were collected at two sites in the northern Transantarctic Mountains (Mt. Coates ...

3. OSCAR 1 degree ocean surface currents [PODAAC-OSCAR-10D01]
OSCAR (Ocean Surface Current Analysis Real-time) contains near-surface ocean current estimates, derived using quasi-linear and steady flow momentum equations. The horizontal velocity is directly estimated ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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