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1. Numerical simulatio data and future prediction data for the permafrost environment change, 2012 [KPDC_NSDFPD_PEC_2012]
Investigation of the feedback between vegetation and climate in permafrost regions

2. Seismic and radar investigations of Fourcade Glacier on King George Island, Antarctica [KPDC_SRIFG_KGI_2006]
To determine P- and S-wave velocities, elastic properties and subglacial topography of the polythermal Fourcade Glacier, surface seismic and radar surveys were conducted along a 470-m profile in November ...

3. Trace elements in Vostok Antarctic Ice [KPDC-MD-2006-003]
Lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) have been measured by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry in various sections of the 3623 m deep ice core drilled at Vostok, in central ...

4. Validations of a numerical model of solute transport in a snowpack [KPDC_VNMST_2012]
Snowmelt from seasonal snow covers can be significant in many environments of northern and alpine areas. Water flow and chemical transport resulting from snowmelt have been studied for an understanding ...

5. An Energy Budget Algorithm for a Snowpack-Snowmelt Calculation [KPDC_AEBASSC_2011]
Understanding snowmelt movement to the watershed is crucial for both climate change and hydrological studies because the snowmelt is a significant component of groundwater and surface runoff in temperature ...

6. Annual variation of microalgae and physical factors in the surface water of Marian Cove, King George Island, Antarctica [KPDC-MD-2006-005]
Microalgal biomass was measured daily from January 1996 to December 2005 at a fixed neritic station near King Sejong Base in Marian Cove, King George Island, Antarctica. And sea water temperature, ...

7. CTD Data surrounding Chukchi Borderland and Mendeleev Ridge of Arctic in 2011 [KPDC_DATA_CBMR_2011_01]
An intensive oceanographic survey was conducted during 21 days from 2011 July 31 to August 20 by IBRV ARAON to measure the spatial and temporal variation of water masses in the Chukchi Borderland/Mendeleev ...

8. CTD measurements from Antarctic Peninsula region (KARP 1996-2006) - KPDC-MD-2006-002 [KPDC-MD-2006-002]
This dataset includes CTD measurements of open water and fjords of Antarctic Peninsula during the KARP (Korea Antarctic Research Program) cruise from 1998 to 2006. Data obtained are water temperature, ...

9. Development of a mathematical model for both solute transport in snow and isotopic evolution of snowmelt [KPDC_DMMSIES_2012]
Chemical and isotopic variations of snowmelt provide important clues for understanding snowmelt processes and the timing and contribution of snowmelt to catchment or watershed in spring. The newly ...

10. Freshwater, biofilm and sediment samples from Barton Peninsular collected in 2012 [KPDC_FBSS_BP_2012]
Freshwater, biofilm and sediment from Barton Peninsular collected in 2012

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