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Future SERF Review Date


The <Future_SERF_Review_Date> allows for the specification of a future service at which the SERF should be reviewed for accuracy of scientific or technical content. Future metadata changes may be due to:

  • Anticipated changes in the personnel fields.
  • Planned changes to the service content (e.g., change in processing algorithm).
  • Expected inclusion of the service as part of a campaign.
  • Planned review of metadata and/or data by the service provider.


Year, month and day must follow the International Standard ISO 8601 in the
form: yyyy-mm-dd, where:

yyyy= the 4 digit year
mm= the 2-digit month (01-12)
dd = the 2-digit day (01-31)
  • The <Future_SERF_Review_Date> is recommended and may not be repeated.



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Service Entry Resource Format (SERF) Writer's Guide, 2018.
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