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Service Citation


The <Service_Citation> field allows the author to properly cite the service provider. This field has 2 functions:

   1. To indicate how this service should be cited in professional scientific literature, and
   2. If this service is a compilation of other services, to document and credit the services that were used in producing this compilation.

This field is not to be used to list bibliographic references of scientific research articles arising from the service. This field provides a citation for the service itself, not articles related to the research results. To list references related to the research results, use the <Reference> field.

<Service_Citation> consists of:

  • <Originators> The name of the organization(s) or individual(s) with primary intellectual responsibility for the service’s development.
  • <Title> The Title of the service; this may be the same as Entry Title.
  • <Release_Date> The date when the service was made available for release.
  • <Provider> The name of the individual or organization that made the service available for release.
  • <Edition> The Edition or version of the service.
  • <URL> The URL of the online resource containing the service.

<Originators>Text, names separated by commas up to 500 characters</Originators>
<Title>Text up to 220 characters</Title>
<Release_Date>Text, but yyyy-mm-dd format suggested</Release_Date>
<Provider>Text up to 500 characters</Provider>
<Edition>Number and/or text up to 80 characters</Edition>
<URL>URL up to 600 characters</URL>

    • The <Service_Citation> is a highly recommended field and can be repeated. Individual subfields may not be repeated.

    <Originators>Pacific Institute </Originators>
    <Title>Bibliography - Climate Change and Its Impact on Biodiversity</Title>
    <Provider>Wil Burns</Provider>

    <Title>PyClimate 1.2: Python tools for the climate variability analysis</Title>
    <Provider>PyClimate </Provider>


    This document should be cited as:
    Service Entry Resource Format (SERF) Writer's Guide, 2018.
    Global Change Master Directory.
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration.



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