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Service Provider


The <Service_Provider> is the service provider, organization, or institution responsible for distributing the service.

  • <Service_Organization> consist of the data center <Short_Name> and <Long_Name>, which is the name of the service provider that distributes the service.
  • <Service_Organization_URL>: is the URL of the service provider.
  • <Personnel>: Contact information for the service provider including name, email, phone, FAX, and address information. See the <Personnel> entry for a complete description

      <Short_Name>Service Provider short name from controlled list, up to 160 characters</Short_Name>
      <Long_Name>Service Provider long name from controlled list, up to 240 characters</Long_Name>
    <Service_Organization_URL>URL up to 600 characters</Service_Organization_URL>
     <First_Name>Text up to 80 characters</First_Name>
     <Middle_Name>Text up to 80 characters</Middle_Name>
     <Last_Name>Text up to 80 characters</Last_Name>
     <Email>Text up to 80 characters, of the form janedoe@domain</Email>
     <Phone> Text up to 80 characters of the form “xxx-xxx-xxxx”. Outside of the US and Canada, the country code should be added (+xx-xxx-xxxx)</Phone>
     <Fax> Text up to 80 characters (see syntax for <Phone></Fax>
        <Address>Text up to 80 characters</Address>
        <City>Text up to 80 characters</City>
        <Province_or_State>Text up to 80 characters</Province_or_State>
        <Postal_Code>Text up to 80 characters</Postal_Code>
        <Country>Text up to 80 characters</Country>

  • Characters may be selected from the UTF-8 character set.
  • The <Service_Provider> field is required and can be repeated.
  • <Service_Organization> may only be used once per <Service_Provider>. It consists of the data center <Short_Name> and <Long_Name>. If the <Short_Name> does not appear in the list of controlled service provider keywords, a new service provider <Short_Name> may be submitted.
  • <Service_Organization_URL> is a required subfield.
  • <Personnel> is a required subfield and may be repeated within the <Service_Provider> field as often as necessary. See the <Personnel> entry for usage.
  • <Role> is required and is not repeatable. The only allowable <Role> within <Data_Center> is "Services Provider Contact".
  • <Email>, <Phone> and <FAX> are optional and may be repeated as often as necessary. See the <Personnel> entry for usage.
  • <Address> may be repeated as often as necessary. See the <Personnel> entry for usage.

      <Long_Name>Mid-Continent Mapping Center, Geography Division, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior</Long_Name>
        <Address>US Geological Survey</Address>
        <Address>Earth Science Information Center</Address>
        <Address>1400 Independence Rd.</Address>
        <Address>MS 231</Address>


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