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The Interoperability (INTEROP) Forum

The Interoperability Forum (Interop Forum) is designed to share suggestions for the Committee of Earth Observation Satellites' (CEOS) International Directory Network's (IDN) metadata content requirements, syntax specifications, and access considerations.  The goal is to improve the use of the directory through its standards: the Directory Interchange Format (DIF) and the Service Entry Resource Format (SERF).   In addition, suggested enhancements, corrections, or other issues may be raised through the Forum, which relate to any aspect of the website, including the use of the docBUILDER authoring tool.

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Note: This mailing list is for IDN communications only. No classified/sensitive information is being distributed in this list.

For additional information on these mailing lists, help with subscribing or unsubscribing, or to report any problems you may have encountered, please contact Rosy Cordova.

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