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How to Collaborate with GCMD

The GCMD welcomes interest from our users. Successful collaborative projects help the GCMD develop new features and offer a diverse set of data and service descriptions to the scientific community. Both the collaborating group and the scientific community benefit from these interactions.

There are several avenues through which one can collaborate with the GCMD:

Collaborating Through Data or Service Descriptions

You can add your own data or data service descriptions to the GCMD. GCMD provides an easily searchable interface to showcase Earth science data and related services. User accounts are required for adding and modifying descriptions in the GCMD. Please contact the GCMD User Support Office (gsfc-gcmduso@mail.nasa.gov) to request a new account or reset your password.

Collaborating Through Portals

Many organizations acknowledge the importance of metadata related to their area of interest but do not have the resources required to manage the content. Portals help provide a targeted science or application-specific focus for other agencies, science focus groups, consortia, etc. Portals may be trademarked with the logo of an organization, while offering the full functionality of the GCMD search engine and tools. Learn more about our portals.

Collaborating Through Web Services

The GCMD offers several ways to access content and keywords through web services.

Other Collaborations

To explore other potential avenues of collaboration, please contact GCMD User Support.

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