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Global Change Master Directory DIF-9 to DIF-10 transition

Dear CEOS Interop Members, the GCMD/IDN currently supports two versions of the Directory Interchange Format (DIF-9 and DIF-10). Beginning May 1, 2018 the GCMD Science Team will begin transitioning all non NASA EOSDIS DIF-9 metadata in the IDN to DIF-10 format. Incoming new or updated DIF-9 records will be translated to DIF-10 before being ingested into the IDN. There will be no information loss in the translation since DIF-10 captures all DIF-9 fields. Metadata providers are encouraged to begin submitting DIF-10 metadata natively before May 1 using docBUILDER. Providers with existing DIF-9 metadata in the IDN will not have to take any immediate action since DIF-9 will continued to be supported in the back-end system after May 1. DIF Authors will be notified when their metadata has been transitioned.

DIF-10 offers improvements to the DIF including new fields (Ex: Product_Level_ID), renamed fields (Ex: Parameters changed to Science_Keywords), and restructured fields (Ex: Hierarchical representation of Platforms/Instrument). These changes serve to bring the DIF in compliance with NASA's Unified Metadata Model (UMM) and integrate features requested by the IDN community. Authors can check their DIF-9 records for DIF-10 compliance by choosing the “Generate Error Report” feature when editing a record in docBUILDER. docBUILDER can be accessed from the GCMD home page under "Collaborate".
If you have any questions, please contact the GCMD/IDN User Support Office at GSFC-GCMDUSO@mail.nasa.gov.

Sincerely, The GCMD/IDN Team


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