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GCMD/IDN Version: 9.9.2 Software Release (January 2014)


The GCMD/IDN team is pleased to announce the release of GCMD/IDN System, Version 9.9.2. This release expands on improvements to the GCMD back-end system delivered in previous releases and offers several new front-end features. These improvements enhance the GCMD/IDN user experience through a faster and more reliable system.

A key feature of 9.9.2 is the delivery of mechanisms that permit external clients and end-users to receive notification when a change or addition has been made to metadata records and concepts (keywords) in the system. Client developers leveraging the GCMD RESTful Web Services may now programmatically determine when a change or addition has made through the record HTTP headers. End-users may leverage an improved RSS/ATOM feed to receive notifications when a new data set or service is available.

Others features that are described in detail below include DIF specific feedback mechanism, prototype internal operations tool, Antarctic Master Directory portal with GCMD “NextGen” search capabilities, and portal management improvements.

Major Features of 9.9.2:

  • KMS (RESTfull) Web Service HTTP Header and Cache Enhancements
    Improvements to the Keyword Management Service (KMS) RESTfull web service were implemented. External client developers now have the ability to programmatically determine when a GCMD concept (keyword) has been modified. By adding ‘Content-MD5’ values and “Last-Modified Date” to the KMS HTTP header output, client developers can efficiently synchronize concepts held externally with the source GCMD concepts.

    Caching of KMS concept queries was implemented to improve KMS query speeds. Eliminating the need for the RESTful service to directly access a database for frequently queried concepts has resulted in significant improvement in query return speeds.

  • MWS (RESTful) Web Service HTTP Header Parameter Enhancement
    Metadata Web Service (MWS) head parameter ‘Content-MD5’ now shows up in MWS interfaces. This parameter alerts users and external APIs that connect to the MWS interface where there is a change to a document and that the updated document should be downloaded. In addition, the ‘Content-MD5’ value shows up in the 'Live HTTP headers' window. The following MWS interfaces now contain the ‘Content-MD5’ head parameter.
    • CdResource
    • CdsResource
    • DifResource
    • DifsResource
    • EntryIdsResource
    • PersonnelDetailsResource
    • PersonnelKeysResource
    • PublisherResource
    • SerfResource
    • SerfsResource
    • StatusResource - MD5 varies since content changes
    • SupplementalResource
    • TestResource
    • ValidatorResource
    • ValidsResource

  • Redesign of Records Export Process (RSS/ATOM Feeds)
    The GCMD metadata record (data set and data service descriptions) export process was redesigned and now supports both RSS 2.0 and ATOM feeds. The static HTML files are published at The records export process runs daily and allows users to subscribe and view the most current Data Set and Service descriptions added to the GCMD. After a data set or service description is added or updated, the record will show up in your RSS/ATOM feed. An RSS/ATOM FAQ page has been added.

  • DIF Specific Feedback (Mail Comments)
    This new feature will now allow CEOS International Directory Network (IDN) users the opportunity to supply feedback about specific metadata records (DIFs). The user may use the comment interface to leave comments about problems they experienced with the DIF entry (example: broken links and/or inaccurate metadata). This feature is implemented in the CEOS IDN portal only:

  • Portals moved from Tomcat to Apache
    Functionality has been built into the back-end GCMD/IDN search interface allowing for the separate hosting of static and dynamic portal content. This functionality will improve portal stability, deliver portal content faster and will allow for quicker turnaround on portal changes by not linking them to GCMD/IDN software releases.

  • Web Based Operations Client (Prototype)
    A prototype of a web based operations client was developed. This tool provides the GCMD science metadata staff with the ability to load and extract metadata records, manage incoming metadata records in a metadata queue, and to access the Keyword Manager through a secure online interface. Additional functionality will be added in future software releases. This tool will eventually replace the desktop client currently used by GCMD science metadata team.

  • Antarctic Master Directory (AMD) Portal with NextGen Functionality
    A beta version of the NextGen Antarctic Master Directory (AMD) is included in this release. It will be made public following a review by AMD representatives.

  • "Bug" Fixes/enhancements
    • Fixed an issue where the resource attribute for Chronostratigraphic units changed (reordered) with every refresh of the browser. The order is now fixed.
    • Updated the left hand refinement by spatial/map search to use v3 of google maps API.
    • Fixed bugs in the GCMD Link Checker tool.

View the previous 9.9.1 release announcement.

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