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Collaborative Research: IPY, The Next Generation: A Community Ice Sheet Model for Scientists and Educators
Entry ID: robertson_00632267

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Abstract: The primary goal of this collaborative proposal is the creation of a ???Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM)???. This will be a community developed, open access, ice sheet model similar in function to what was used in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) simulations. The development process will stress principles of software design in order to assure that CISM is accurate, robust, well ... View entire text

Purpose: The focus of the educational effort from the UTEP team is to develop curriculum and informational products for dissemination in order to take polar science directly into the classroom. The educational materials, centered on high school standards in science, have been entitled ???The Changing Poles??? and have now been completely developed as student classroom activities (Appendix A) and a ... View entire text
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Description: National Science Foundation Grant NSF-IPY 0632161 ???IPY: Collaborative Research: Development of a Community Ice Sheet Model with Specific Applications to Abrupt Change in the Amundsen Sea Embayment??? Primary Investigator Jesse Johnson Co-investigators: Christina Hulbe, Joel Henry, Martin L. Barett, Slawek Tulaczyk, Dacian Deascu, William Robertson, and Cheryl Seals.

Description: NSF Award #0632267 Abstract
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Antarctic Ice Sheet
Environmental Modeling
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Service Provider
UMT > University of Montana
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Service Provider Personnel
Phone: 406 243 2356
Fax: 406 243 5139
Email: jesse.v.johnson at, jesse.johnson at
Contact Address:
University of Montana
College of Arts and Sciences
32 Campus Avenue
417 Social Science Building
City: Missoula
Province or State: Montana
Postal Code: 59812
Country: USA
Phone: 915-747-7676
Email: robertson at
Contact Address:
500 University
City: El Paso
Province or State: TX
Postal Code: 70068
Country: USA
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